Sunny morning , long drive and all of a sudden your car begins to produce some weird noise only to be broken down. This scenario is not at all unfamiliar to us.This has happened with us many times, often, while attending some important business or going to some party. This car break down incident is a kind of nightmare to all of us. But, in reality, it can happen anytime and anywhere. 

So what to do if your car breaks down? Yes, you can try with your skills and you can call some friends to guess the problems,but, the real rescuer is an auto mechanic.You may guess the problem but to solve it with perfection you need a hand of an ace mechanic.

Sometimes the breaking down of a car includes tire punctures or low battery or over heat. These type of problems can be dealt by any car owners as they are common problems. But in the case of something more complicated like engine trouble only an expert car mechanic can help. 

First of all , what you should do is to take your car for regular check up to some auto mechanic. By doing this you can keep your car healthy and hassle free. You can avoid many unwanted car break downs.

Secondly , your phone can help you a lot . You can have some great apps to tell you the nearby auto mechanic store. This is really helpful as these apps can rescue you when you are desperately in need. So, if you fall into this type of situation this idea can save a lot of time.
Lastly, if you have no time for regular check up of your car or if you do not like to visit a mechanic often, then, you have to be cautious about your car’s performance. If any weird noise or any type problem you notice, then do not ignore it, just visit an auto mechanic to cure it all. Remember that precaution is better than cure.

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