Windows form an integral part in a standard home. Homeowners usually face a lot of turmoil when it comes to choosing the appropriate windows for their home. It is not just a matter of getting the best glass covering, a lot of factors usually come into play when making the essential choice. For one, many people are conscious about the amount of energy a given window might lose and this will go a long way towards ensuring that some basic costs of cooling and heating the house are minimized.


Choosing the frame

Two popular window frames that most customers go for include the wood frame and vinyl frame. While there is usually very little difference between the two, the vinyl frame is the cheapest option and does not need extra painting or staining because it is usually white and adds life to the outline of the home. However, apart from being quite energy efficient, the wood frame is often versatile and comes in various styles that match with the architecture of your home. Fiberglass frame hasn’t been exploited yet but they are stiffer and stronger.

Choosing the window type

In this case, three crucial variables have to be considered: the number of panes, the design of the hinge and how much ventilation they provide. Casement style windows are hinged like doors and often provide a lot of ventilation into the home. Installing this type of windows often lowers the cost of air conditioning in the house by a great deal. On the other hand, double-hung style windows has two sashes that slide in the opposite direction simultaneously. The double-hung style provides enough ventilation into the house and also keeps the room relatively warm

In conclusion, the process of choosing the right windows for your home can be quite complex but very important. Settling for the right windows will not only lower your yearly energy bills, but also add sparkle to the general appearance of both the interior and exterior of your house.



By: SunSmart Windows & Doors Burleson, TX

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