A spray foam rig in Dallas is a portable unit that contains all the spray foam equipment you use to spray foam and other coatings for any type of hotel construction. It is an enclosed system that is used to store and secure all the tools you will require to perform and complete an SPF job. That equipment includes a generator and a spray foam machine.

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Types of Spray Foam Rigs in Dallas, Texas

Spray foam rigs and spray foam insulation come in a variety of types. Your options will most likely include:

1). Towable

As the name suggests, these are rigs that you can pull with a vehicle such as a pickup truck. Typically 24 feet or longer, towable rigs are cost-effective tools, though the price and even the size are determined by the design and the components that are included.

2). Box Truck

This is another accurately named Dallas rig. The entire setup is built within a box truck. The unit is supposed to be self-contained for any type of spray foam insulation. You have more space at your disposal which is why the unit holds more equipment.

This type appeals to Texas people that have to perform high-volume operations in hotel construction because of the larger storage capacity. It is often paired with residential type projects.

3). Compact

These units have a smaller footprint. Because they are condensed, they tend to serve multiple functions.

4). Custom

Custom rigs in Dallas, TX are capable of fitting projects of any type or size. They offer a lot of flexibility where the size and specs are concerned. Custom rigs are often found in large hotel construction undertakings. Be sure you know how to hire a spray foam contractor.

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Choosing the Right Dallas, Texas Spray Foam Rigs

Before you invest in a rig, you need to ensure that you are buying the best possible unit for your Dallas, Texas hotel construction needs. Finding the right rig isn’t hard if you have some experience in the industry. But it will definitely present a challenge if you have never purchased one before. This is why spray foam insulation is better.

The key is to ask a lot of questions, not to mention taking the following factors into account:

1). Type

Dallas Rigs come in different configurations. You have to find the type that suits your needs best. A standard trailer configuration gives you some flexibility because any truck can pull it. A gooseneck trailer configuration, on the other hand, is only compatible with trucks that can handle the fifth wheel.

As you can guess, maneuverability is an issue where gooseneck trailers are concerned, especially with tight spaces. But they also handle larger loads which makes them enticing for some people in hotel construction.

There is also the commercial box truck option to consider. You need to match the configuration to the application you have in mind for spray foam insulation construction. A box truck, for instance, is more compatible with large projects such as Dallas, Texas commercial insulation and roofing for hotel construction. It isn’t necessarily the best option for residential insulation.

Keep the frame and axle strength in mind. They should be adequate for the loads you will carry, especially when the trailer is full. This consideration is even more important for people that have to traverse rough terrain to reach job sites.

Add the weight of the truck to your gross weight rating calculations to ensure that it can safely pull the weight you need. As you can see, this is one of the most important considerations you can make because it will have a significant impact on the success of your operations.

2). Power Source

Where the power source of your Dallas, Texas spray foam rigs is concerned, your options will include shore power and generators. The shore power option involves the use of a heavy-duty electrical cable. Not only does this option consume the least amount of space but it works in tandem with a 240 V double pole breaker.

A shore power system has its advantages but it is only suitable in situations where the hotel construction job site has the amperage you need to operate your rig. This isn’t always the case which is why some people prefer the generator option.

Generators are an attractive option because they make your Texas rig self-contained and independent. Your power source is also more reliable. But you must select a generator of the right size, a task that involves accounting for the peak load requirements of your system’s components.

The size you select should equal or exceed the kVA you have calculated. Generators, if you did not know, can be permanently mounted to your rig. If you have a single-phase unit, you have the option of switching to the shore power cable and using the hotel construction job site to operate your equipment. A three-phase unit will benefit the electric motors in the long run.

But that assumes that you are using a diesel generator. Diesel generators have their advantages but they consume more space. The average diesel-powered unit for a rig ranges between 25 and 60 KW. With gas-powered generators, your options will range from 14 to 22 KW.

While diesel-generators are mounted inside the rig permanently, their gas-powered counterparts can be attached to the trailer and unharnessed later on. You can either use the rolling chassis configuration or industrial slides.

spray foam insulation dallas, tx

3). Doors

If you have barn-style doors on your Dallas, TX trailer, you will have an easier time working in tight spaces. The doors stay clean and you can use a forklift. Ramp-style doors are suitable for people that do not have a forklift when it comes to hotel construction.

4). Proportioning Equipment

Some Texas service providers force their hotel customers to use spray foam and coating equipment from specific manufacturers. Others offer customers the option of choosing manufacturers whose equipment suits their needs. They act as consultants, guiding their clients towards the right choice but ultimately leaving the decision in the customer’s hands.

Where the proportioning Dallas, Texas equipment and spray foam insulation is concerned, you must consider factors like machine pressure, hose length, and machine output, to mention but a few.

5). Safety

Rigs are associated with several hazards. This is why you should ensure that your unit is furnished with all the necessary safety features. That includes a first aid kit and fire extinguishers, not to mention well-constructed material bracing.

If you have no tangible experience in this area, you are encouraged to secure the necessary training. Find an individual or even a class that can show you how to operate and maintain a spray foam rigs Dallas TX. You should learn all the relevant safety procedures before you start operating these contraptions on any type of hotel construction. Otherwise, you could do more harm than good.

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