My Dad’s house was hit by lightning, so I traveled up to Maryland to help him with the situation.  So while I shopped for roofing contractors Frederick Maryland, I decided to do a little research into my Dad’s city.  He recently moved there, and this was my first time to explore this quaint, but old town.  What I discovered was quite interesting.


Frederick County, Maryland was founded in 1748. It is a city and part of the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area. Frederick has been a pivotal crossroads community since the pre-colonial times. It is located at a critical intersection point of the North-South Indian trail, across the Appalachian Mountains and to the east-west of the Chesapeake Bay and Baltimore. Frederick has a fascinating tapestry of the American history right from the French and Indian wars to the famous Civil War battles. It is time Indian trail became the wagon road. The city was first laid out by a land speculator called Daniel Dulany in 1745. Information from various sources says that the town was named after Frederick Calvert, 6th Baron Baltimore, Frederick Louis, Frederick the Great of Prussia and Prince of Wales. However, Calvert was favored. Frederick County is a home to iconic individuals such as Francis Scott Key (who became the first governor to be elected in Maryland), Star Spangled Banner (author), Thomas Johnson, Elizabeth Ann Seton and many other icons who shaped the American history. The city was has been described as one of the prettiest in the valleys in the world by visitors such as Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Winston Churchill. Frederick was well known for religious pluralism hosting about six different churches. The first church to be established is the All Saints Church by consecrated Thomas Claggett. Churches solely dominated the town. Moreover, due to the easy access to Chesapeake and Ohio, the city facilitated freight hauling. There is so much that a visitor can do in this town. There are several restaurants and antique shopping malls to the East, Patrick and Market Streets. Francis Scott Key Mall, the city’s main shopping mall offers an amazing shopping experience to visitors. Restaurants offer a rich array of cuisines and dining options for visitors. On the first Saturday of every month, Frederick hosts evening events that take place from 5 pm to 9 pm. Again, visitors also enjoy the performance at Maryland Ensemble Theater. It is truly a magnificent city with a rich past.


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