If you manage or operate a hotel, you may be looking for a creative way to capture attention and to encourage guests to become repeat visitors. Thinking outside the box for creative ideas can be a great way to help your hotel stand out from the crowd…and one really fun outside of the box idea is hotel birds.

Pet birds, including parrots and canaries, can make a wonderful addition to your hotel lobby. These hotel birds can bring lots of different advantages, so you should strongly consider visiting a pet shop and adding hotel birds to your welcoming crew.

Why Are Hotel Birds a Great Addition to Your Hotel?

There are a lot of reasons why you may want to consider having at least one pet bird in your hotel lobby. Some big advantages of hotel birds include:

• Getting attention for your hotel: Hotel guests like novelties and hotel birds are a great novelty because they are not something you commonly see. If you teach blue parrotlets to speak, hotel guests may even video tape the bird saying funny things and the video could go viral or become a human interest story that gets your hotel free press.
• Keeping guests- and kids- busy if there is a wait: If there is a long line to check in or a wait at the desk, kids and others who are waiting can visit with hotel birds and watch the bird’s antics instead of getting impatient. Guests may even want to wait in line so they can visit with their bird friend longer.
• Setting your hotel apart from the crowd: There is lots of competition in the hotel industry. A pet bird is something that not a lot of hotels have. You’ll be able to make a positive impression right away with a unique animal friend for guests to meet. Visitors are more likely to remember your hotel because of this novel pet. Guests are thus more likely to return and more likely to recommend the hotel to their friends who may be traveling to the same destination.

Many people love animals, and hotel birds are a great choice because no one is allergic to birds, while some of your patrons may have an allergy to dogs or cats. Both parrots and canaries can be easy to take care of, fun and friendly. Add one to your hotel lobby to start taking advantage of the benefits today.


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