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Roofing is perhaps the most important part of any Michigan structure. As well as protecting the structure from harsh weather conditions, it renders utmost safety to those present at the place. This is more so in the case of commercial establishments such as hotels that have a good number of guests at any given time. However, this important part sustains a slew of damages with time. In such situations, it’s always advised to turn to a East Lansing commercial roofing contractor. If you don’t know how to hire a commercial contractor for roof repairs, here’s a handy guide that may help out, as well as to determine if your hotel needs a new roof.

Tips to hire a reliable East Lansing roofing contractor for fixing Michigan hotel roofs

The roofing of Michigan commercial establishments is quite different from residential roofing – like with shingle selection. A East Lansing commercial roof is much stronger and bigger than a regular East Lansing residential roof. As such, a lot of attention is expected from the owner of the establishment. You can’t hire a novice repairer to fix issues with your hotel’s roof. On the contrary, you need the expertise of a proficient commercial roofing contractor to address the issue. The following considerations should help you in picking an ideal contractor for fixing your hotel roof.

Define your expectations

The services and expertise of Michigan roofers cover a lot of things. You need to determine what kind of assistance you need beforehand, for example you need to be able to see if you’re hotel roof even needs repair. Find out whether you want to replace some parts of your roof or need help on repairs. Doing this preliminary work is extremely important. It averts potential problems when hiring a roofing contractor.

Some East Lansing roofers are an expert in fixing roof repairs. On the flip side, certain commercial roofers specialize in replacing and installing parts of the roof. Figuring out your needs and requirements will narrow your search. It’ll also let you get in touch with roofing professionals dedicated to addressing particular issues.

Prepare a list of commercial Michigan contractors

When it comes to hiring a Michigan roofing expert, it’s best to check multiple professionals. Choosing the very first person may not be an ideal option. Assessing numerous East Lansing contractors will improve your bargaining power and let you negotiate for a better and affordable deal. So, take some time to enlist reputed roofers, like when you’re hotel suffers hail damage.

Firstly, inquire East Lansing folks within your business network and associates. Those who’ve got any info about commercial roofers will provide the necessary details. Commercial journals, trade magazines, and local directories may also come in handy. Just browse these venues and you could find a few trusted roofers dedicated to fixing hotel roofs.

Above all, don’t ignore the power of the big web. Today, every Michigan commercial roofing contractor has an online presence. Consequently, enlisting reputed roofers through online sources becomes easy. Scan the web with local keywords and list out roofers in and around your place.

Also, check social media sites and forums committed to commercial roofing. Reputable roofers promote their services on these venues. Plus, many experts offer valuable advice on hiring commercial roofing services. So, make sure you explore all these sources when compiling the names of probable roofers.

Check Better Business Bureau (BBB)

A commercial roofing contractor is required to report to the Better Business Bureau. Find out whether roofers in your consideration are listed at BBB.org or not. Focus on contractors that carry a good score on BBB.org. Also, check out complaints lodged in their names. In accordance with complaints and reviews, trim your list to roofers that are highly applauded for quality repairs.

Permits, documents, and insurance

A East Lansing commercial roofer has to register the services at the relevant municipal and Michigan state authority. Also, he needs to be licensed in order to carry out his expertise. Failure to do so debars him from offering his services. So, check the registration papers and license of each contractor. Remove unregistered and unlicensed contractors from your list.

In addition to this, figure out whether the Michigan contractors are insured or not. Never choose an East Lansing uninsured roofing contractor. Why? Roof repairs include risky tasks such as climbing higher to get on the roof top and carrying heavy parts of the roof. It’s possible that someone may fall off during the repairing job. Also, there are high chances of structural damages to your hotel.

It’s best to be covered for all such incidents, and that cover is provided by the Michigan roofer’s insurance. An ideal contractor should carry general liability insurance and workmen’s compensation coverage. Both these insurance plans will protect you against injuries and structural damages.

Materials used

The materials used in fixing repairs have an impact on the longevity of the roof. The better the quality of materials, the better the longevity of the roofing will be. If the roof is strong and lasts longer, it’ll withstand weather conditions and the test of time, and protect the overall structure. So, find out the quality of materials used by Michigan roofers in consideration. If a particular East Lansing roofing contractor cuts corners on material quality, it’s an indication you should remove him from your checklist.

Past work samples

Fixing a East Lansing hotel’s roof involves risks as well as substantial money. It’s best to figure out how the repairing tenure will go and its possible outcome. To do that, check past work samples of roofers to find a good one. In line with work quality, you may trim down your list further.


A East Lansing reputed roofing contractor will provide a good warranty on repairs. Warranties cover you for any issues that may stem up after the repairing task is over. It lets you call the professional for fixing problems without paying anything. So, don’t forget to check the warranties offered by roofers.


Price has a major role to play when hiring a Michigan roofing expert. To make an affordable choice, you may want to compare their quotes. Review the charges, work portfolio, warranties, and expertise of each roofer minutely. Lastly, settle with an ideal roofer that can undertake hotel roof repairs in return for a modest charge.

Concluding words

Hiring the best East Lansing roofing contractor for addressing issues with your hotel’s roof can be a big task. However, you could get rid of this task by sticking to the above guide. Within no time, you could pick the right roofer for fixing your particular problems.

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