There are a lot of different signs that may have you thinking about replacing your hotel’s roof. Sometimes your roof just gets old and worn after many years of harsh weathers. You may even look at replacing your roof when your business neighbors are replacing theirs. Here are a bunch of different signs that will help you in determining when your roof needs replaced.


Age of you roof

If your roof hasn’t been replaced within the last 20 years of your homes life, then it might be time to start looking at getting it replaced. Another way to tell is if your shingles edges are curled, they have “bald spots” where the protective granules have been washed away, even the growth of moss on your shingles. Moss will grow on your roof if it doesn’t attain much sunlight. Also, check to make sure your shingles aren’t cracked or missing as that is a sure sign to look into getting a new roof.


Your Business neighborhood

Look around your business neighborhood. Are your neighbors looking into, or currently in the process of having their roof redone? It may be a good time for you start looking also, as your businesses were all probably built in the same time frame. Your roof also experiences the same weather conditions as your neighbors. You always want to make sure your roof is being used.


Leaks in your Hotel’s roof

Another way to know it’s time for a new roof is leaking. Looking for leaks in your roof can be easy, or sometimes can be really hard. Looking for water stains on your ceilings. Even the smallest of leaks can potentially be huge problems later. Leaks can lead to mold in the woodwork of your home, in your insulation, and ceiling. A new roof may seem expensive, but letting it leak because you are getting a new roof next summer, is not the way to go. It will lead to more expensive, bigger problems. Make sure to take care of it right away.



These are just a few of many different signs that it’s time to get a new roof. First, look at the age of your roof. Then, your neighbors, see if they are replacing their roofs. Lastly, leaks in your roof mean it is definitely time to look into a new roof. The more you let it leak, the more problems you are going to have, and not just with your roof.

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