Unclean sources of energy such as coal and charcoal are the leading contributors to climate change. Similarly, other non-renewable sources of energy such as oil should prompt hotels to give solar energy companies a deep thought. Here are some of the reasons why hotels should consider this energy.

· Renewable source of energy

Unlike other sources of energy such as coal, charcoal, oil, and gas that are depleted, this energy never runs out. If properly harnessed, the energy from the sun is abundant and inexhaustible. Hotels can substitute electricity with energy from the sun since it is cheap.

· Clean and environmentally friendly

Apparently, pollution is a major global threat to humanity. Surprisingly, unclean sources of energy are the main contributors to pollution and global warming. Since hotels are also the key stakeholders in environmental conservation, they should implement this energy. Unlike charcoal, this form of energy emits no harmful gas to the atmosphere. In addition, this type of energy spares forests from destruction for firewood and charcoal.

· Cheap source of energy

Unlike other sources of energy such as electricity that require regular payment of bills, sunlight energy has no charges to be incurred after purchase and installation. Hotels fall into conflicts with the suppliers and clients by failing to settle such bills promptly. Therefore, to evade such chargers, solar energy is the best alternative.

· Reliable and consistent source

Energy from the sun is a consistent source since there are no frequent maintenance operations. Provided the weather is sunny, homeowners are assured of enough energy for lighting and heating daily. All machines that depend on energy run consistently without interruption.

· Requires little space.

Bearing in mind the displacement of people and massive land degradation experienced in oil areas, hotels should value solar energy. Solar panels only require the barely used rooftops. Apart from tapping sunlight energy, solar panels protect the roofs from corrosion and intense heat.


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