Are you planning to start a resin or plastic-based manufacturing unit for hotel construction? Do you wish to switch to a better polymer forming process? If so, consider the extrusion process. Extruded polymers have their uses and applications in various sectors. Products designed and obtained through extrusion presents a myriad of advantages to manufacturers and end-users. You may wonder what polymers are. A polymer is a big molecule containing several repeated sub-units. It’s a kind of substance that includes molecular structure mainly built from innumerable units bridged to bind together.

Extruded polymers in a nutshell

After getting familiar with polymers, you would like to know about extrusion polymers for hotel construction. In general, extrusion is a technique of producing long sized items of a uniform cross section, binding softened polymers through the die that includes an opening such as thermoset printing. Sheets, films, rods, and pipes are some of the common products obtained through the extrusion process. Generally, plastic or resin polymers are extruded for forming long sized products.

The extrusion process

Let’s understand how the process of extrusion goes on for hotel construction. As well as gaining some basic idea, you could come up with newer products to be made with this process. The process of extrusion includes heating, melting as well as molding and cooling of the polymers. To begin with, polymers (usually in granules or pellet form) are fed into the extruder by means of a hopper. Here a feeding screw moves the granules (raw materials) through the die, converting into a continuous product.

The loop extrusion process starts with the heating of raw materials and ends up with the cooling of the final product. First of all, heating elements mounted on the barrel soften up the raw material (polymers). The temperature of polymers is controlled by thermocouples. When the material heats up substantially, it takes the form of liquid, making it easier to move through the die. The die is actually a mold that gives the shape of the final product.

When extruded polymers set in the die and take its form, the temperature is dropped substantially by thermocouples. This abrupt cooling solidifies the liquid polymers. When the final product comes out from the die, it’s further cooled in a separate water tub or bath. The extrusion process goes on until the raw materials continue feeding in the extruder. While plastic polymers are the main raw materials used in extrusion, resins and Elastomers are also molded to make products of desired forms and shapes.

Benefits of using extruded polymers

Now that you know what an extruded polymer is and the process of extrusion, you would want to know how it’s better than other processing techniques for hotel construction. There are various other molding techniques; each has its varied purposes and uses. However, extrusion is a better process than other techniques for particular reasons.

Speedy production

Although all processing techniques are fast, extrusion is much faster than any other technique when it comes to hotel construction. It lets you produce a big amount of products within a small time period. In today’s world where time means money, extrusion can scale your time and get you orders and clients repeatedly with speedy production.

You feed raw materials in the machine and get the final product (extruded polymers) quickly. No other machines and tools are involved in the process. As well as saving time, the extrusion process increases the productivity of the overall manufacturing unit. Increased productivity along with enhanced efficiency translates into decreased cost and higher profitability.


Compared to other forming processes, extrusion allows you to co-extrude for hotel construction. Here, liquid polymers from different extruders (with different thickness) are fed into a new extrusion process. The final products from two extruders are molded and shaped to a completely new item. We’re even the use of bamboo. Co-extrusion allows you to blend different materials and compounds to make a single product. The most common example of co-extrusion is UV treatments given to extruded polymers to glow in the darkness.

Low production cost

One of the major benefits of extruded polymers is low production cost for hotel construction. Due to low extrusion cost, items molded and formed through extrusion are relatively cheap than other forming techniques, especially if it’s recycled. Usually, effectiveness and efficiency of extrusion contribute to low production cost.

Also, waste and left-over raw materials could be reused, which further reduces manufacturing and disposal costs. Besides unexpected mechanical failure, the extrusion process continues smoothly without any hindrance. This avoids any chance of inventory shortage while assuring 24/7 days manufacturing.


Extruded polymers are characterized by higher durability for hotel construction. Since the polymers pass through one process, they regain and retain their strength and molecular structure compared to products obtained through various forming processes such as extruding with fillers. Better durability benefits consumers and they crave for those products. That brings more demand and orders for your business.

Low investment

When it comes to manufacturing, investment is a major parameter in hotel construction. Although any machine investment is a costly affair, some machines are cheaper than others with new technology. This is where extrusion machines outsmart other forming machines. Without denting your budget, you can install a forming process that delivers effective as well as productive extruded polymers.

Low maintenance

Maintenance is a common, on-going scenario in any manufacturing unit, especially when it comes to hotel construction with carbon fiber. However, curtailing maintenance and repairs is imperative in today’s highly competitive environment. Extrusion equipment warrants less maintenance and repairs. That means uninterrupted production with minimum cost. Consequently, you’re in a position to price your extruded products competitively in the market.

Saves space

This is beneficial for a hotel since buying or renting a manufacturing shed can quickly put a burden on your finances and profitability. It’s better to choose a machine that takes up little space and dispenses production seamlessly, speedily. You can do that with the extrusion equipment. These machines occupy very little space. Also, as they produce a seamless flow of extruded products without needing other processes, you don’t need to install other tools that may eat up plenty of space. Simply look at the market trends to see what we’re talking about.

Bottom line

Forming processes are the future of plastic and resin molding. However, the extrusion technique enjoys a better edge over any other forming process. Products obtained through extruded polymers are affordable, durable, and quality. This is why manufacturers and end-users prefer extruded polymer products over others when it comes to Hotel construction.

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