Flooring Removal in Jacksonville, FL
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Hotel Flooring demolition in Jacksonville, FL may seem daunting; you have to remove all of your Florida hotel furniture, hire a contractor and deal with short-term disruptions in your hotel. However, there are numerous benefits to removing an old floor and replacing it with something new. The momentary hassle and financial commitment may be well worth it if your new Jacksonville hotel floor improves indoor air quality, reduces the risk of pests, is easier to maintain and is more appealing than your old hotel floor. Unlike furniture, which can be easily removed, flooring is a longer-term commitment that can nevertheless make a space look dated. Flooring technology has come a long way even over the past few decades and the design options are practically limitless. Here are some of the many reasons why Florida flooring demolition may be worth it for your hotel:

  • Improving indoor air quality. Flooring materials have come a long way over the past few years. There is also increased awareness about indoor air quality, so-called “sick building syndrome,” environmental sustainability and fair labor practices. Your old hotel flooring may contain harmful chemicals, additives and treatments that reduce the indoor air quality of your home so it’s important for Flooring Removal Jacksonville. Even if the material itself is not harmful, it may promote the collection of dust, stains and debris that linger and contribute to unhealthy air quality. Over time, trapped moisture can turn into a nasty mold problem that could cause serious health problems in occupants. After a few decades, your hotel flooring is likely outdated and need replacing. Make sure the new flooring you select improves the indoor air quality of your Jacksonville hotel. Since we spend most of our day in buildings, especially our Florida hotels, it is important that we use materials that promote health and well-being. Ideally, your old Jacksonville, FL hotel flooring can be recycled, up-cycled or find a new home. Some large Florida flooring manufacturers even have programs where they salvage your old product for reuse. When selecting a new floor, try to keep your health and the health of the planet in mind.
  • Reducing the risk of pests. No matter where you live, there is likely some kind of pest that can infiltrate your Florida hotel. From mites, bed bugs, or ants to cockroaches, mice and rats, the flooring you select may decrease the risk of pest infiltration. Old organic materials like old wood flooring may be the perfect breeding ground for insects. Some vinyl flooring can be gnawed away by rodents, as opposed to more rigid, inorganic materials like tile or stone. New wood flooring can be treated with newer, more effective products to mitigate the risk of pest infiltration. Depending on the type of Jacksonville flooring, spills and crumbs trapped in old flooring may attract unwanted pests. If the flooring itself is the problem, it will be difficult to keep pests away, as the source of the problem will remain unaddressed unless you clean or replace the floor. Even though we think of flooring as a flat surface, to insects, flooring is a whole world that’s ready to inhabit. Oftentimes, there are many layers that make up your floor, even though you only see the finish floor. Hotel Flooring demolition allows you to replace all of those old layers and use new products that reduce the risk of pest infiltration.
  • Easier maintenance. Since Jacksonville Hotel flooring has to contend with foot traffic, falling debris and normal wear and tear, it’s important that it is easier to maintain and keep spotless. The type of Florida flooring you choose goes a long way in how easy it is to clean and maintain. More rigid, inorganic options will be easier to keep clean in the long-run. Flooring demolition in Jacksonville might seem like a big commitment but it could save you countless hours of cleaning in the future. To preserve older hotel floors, numerous steps might be necessary to keep the floor looking clean and new. Brand new floors that use the latest material technologies are typically much lower maintenance. Related to the first point about indoor air quality, low-maintenance floors mean fewer harmful cleaning chemicals in your hotel. Carpets are relatively high maintenance, especially those with a high pile, whereas tile, vinyl, or wood flooring is much easier to sweep and clean. The less you have to worry about cleaning your hotel Florida floor, the more free time you will have! Besides, there are probably plenty more tasks in your home that need to be attended to. Many Florida companies also offer warranties that will make committing to a new floor a lot easier.
  • Upgrading the aesthetics of your Florida Hotel space. Flooring in Jacksonville makes a big difference when it comes to design. Unlike drapes, throw pillows or furniture, flooring is harder to replace but nonetheless sets the tone of your space. If you truly want a well-designed, welcoming and beautiful space, flooring demolition in Florida is the way to go to create a coherent, modern look – the cost of floor removal is not not as bad as you think. Florida Flooring sets the tone of a room, influencing the color palette, style and function of the space. 30-year-old linoleum flooring in a kitchen is hard to hide, for example. Trends change every year, and while you can’t replace your flooring that often, you can stay up-to-date by replacing flooring every ten-to-twenty years. Luckily, hotel flooring trends don’t change as dramatically as paint colors year-by-year. Florida Flooring companies pride themselves on the longevity of their products and are oftentimes neutral, so they can work with many styles.

In spite of the commitment, replacing your flooring might be appropriate for your hotel for a number of reasons. From improving indoor air quality (and your own health!) to beautifying your space and reducing the risk of pests, flooring demolition could be the first step in improving your home. Changing your hotel flooring will likely have a big impact on the vibe of your space but it also might make your life easier and healthier! Instead of renovating your entire space, simply replacing the Jacksonville flooring might be the only thing you have to do to make your home seem brand new. Assuming you make an informed decision, the payoff will last for decades and your home will be more beautiful and easier to maintain.

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