debt collection lawyer in Newport Beach, CA

Whether your Newport Beach Hotel is a big commercial business or small consumer-oriented venture, offering credit to your California clients is a good sign of trust that they’ll pay their debts. Sadly, sometimes organizations are cheated or taken for granted, leading to unpaid debts. In such situations, recovering your debts becomes pressing as well as difficult. When all of your efforts go in vain, you may have to hire the services of a debt collection attorney. However, the key lies in choosing the right attorney or agency for your specific needs.

Things to consider when hiring a California debt collection attorney

Many Newport Beach Hotel Owners think that all debt collecting attorneys are the same. However, this isn’t the case. No two attorneys are the same. Each attorney or agency employs different practices or technology to recover unpaid debts. Not every attorney is ideal for your particular business. You need to cut through the clutter and find the best person for the job. So how do you do that? Here’s a useful guide on what to check in a collection attorney. 

Determine your needs

Of course, your main intent may be to recover debts for your Newport Beach Hotel. However, the nature of each business differs from the other. You need to find a California attorney that specializes in your particular type of business. While any collection attorney aims to collect debts, you should look for attorneys that have recovered debts in your specific industry. Doing some homework on this aspect will let you concentrate on the right type of debt collection attorneys. 

Make a list of New Port Beach attorneys

First of all, you need to have your hands on some reliable California attorneys. Having access to numerous attorneys or agencies will let you make a wise choice in accordance with your requirements. It’ll also refine your search and weigh your options better when making a final choice. 

To begin with, ask people in your contacts and relations. Those who’ve hired a California agency for collecting unpaid debts will come to your rescue. These folks will provide the necessary details. Also, they could land you an affordable choice. Since folks in your touch tend to be trustworthy, you could rely on their recommendations when looking for a debt collection attorney. 

Local directories, yellow pages, trade journals, etc. are other handy sources of locating collection agencies. Just browse through these sources, and you might be fortunate in finding a few reputed ones in and around your place. 

Almost all collection agencies have their Internet presence. So don’t forget to explore the web. Search the net and enlist reputed collection attorneys near your place. You may also want to explore social sites and marketing forums to finish your checklist. 


Once you’ve listed reputable Newport Beach attorneys through various sources, your selection process begins. First of all, find out the affiliations of attorneys in your list. If a debt collection agency isn’t affiliated with any association, it’s a red signal to remove it from the list. 

Rather, stick to agencies that are affiliated with one or more associations. The reason – affiliations with associations indicate reputation. Only reputable agencies are able to get affiliated with professional associations. Note this fact and act accordingly. 


Of course, you may want to consider what others are saying about debt collection attorneys in your attention. Check the better Business Bureau (BBB) site and figure out whether the attorneys in consideration are listed or not. Also, take a note of complaints and ratings of users on In view of your findings, narrow your listing to a few attorneys that are applauded for quality services and reasonable fees. 


Figure out whether the California agency is incensed to collect unpaid debts in all areas. Also, find out whether they practice skip tracing. Skip tracing is a tactic which lets you track debtors using databases if your debtors move away without leaving a phone number or address. In case a collection agency isn’t licensed in all areas, it won’t be able to undertake skip tracing. Consequently, it can’t collect debts from all areas. 


Ask whether the Newport Beach agency is insured in areas where the debtors live. An insured agency is a better bet than an uninsured one. An insured debt collection agency will carry errors and omissions coverage. Such an insurance policy protects you as well as the attorney if the debtor makes a decision to sue.

Experience and success rate 

While each California agency professes to offer the best services, you may want to figure out how successful they’re in recovering debts. There’s no point in considering a collection attorney that has a minimal success rate. As well as wasting your time, you’ll lose money. It’s better to check experienced attorneys with a good success rate. 

Fair debt collection practices 

Some Newport Beach agencies resort to unfair practices to recover unpaid debts. If this is the case, you’ll find yourself in a legal dilemma. Your debtor could sue you and the attorney for unfair collection practices. 

It’s mandatory to follow fair practices when collecting debts. Talk to the past clients of the collection attorney and ask if the attorney followed fair practices when recovering debts. In case the answer is no, you may want to stay clear of the professional. 

Compare the fees and contingency cost

Once you find a couple of reliable Newport Beach collection attorneys, you may want to compare their costs. The payment structure of agencies differs from one another. Some agencies charge a flat fee. A flat fee is usually small and offered in the early process of debt collection. 

Many debt collection Newport Beach employ a contingency model. They don’t charge anything if they fail to collect debts. However, they charge 25 percent to 45 percent on the collected amount. Compare their fees structure and figure out what works best for you. 

Bottom line

Dealing with unpaid debts can be pressing as well as frustrating. It’s like slow, mental taxation that takes a toll on you. When you’ve no other recourse, hiring a debt collection attorney might be the only route to recover debts. In such a situation, find out what to look for in a collection attorney (detailed above) and take your decision accordingly.

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