Exterior Painting in Denver
The exterior paint of a hotel plays a very important role in enhancing the aesthetic beauty the hotel. Before even customers get to any hotel they take consideration on such factors first. Exterior painting is just as important as interior painting in any hotel facility to make the customers feel more comfortable. Exterior painting in any building tends to wear out faster than interior painting due to external environmental factors such as rain and extreme sunshine which accelerate weathering. If you’re in Denver and looking for an exterior painter to change the appearance of your hotel it’s important you take ample time to research on the best experts around to avoid getting ripped off. Choosing an exterior painter especially one who has done hotel painting before is not an easy task thus it requires prior planning. Whether you want to remodel the hotel to increase its customer count or rather to increase its value for sale, it’s important you choose a real professional for the work after several considerations.

Below are factors to consider when hiring hotel exterior painting services Denver.

1. Look for a licensed and insured professional

It shows a lot of expertise and professionalism having a specialist with these crucial legal requirements. Before making any business related commitment with the professional you choose, you should make sure you’ve seen his/her licensing credentials to ensure they’re up to date and legit. A liability insurance is also important very crucial because this expert’s line of work is prone to accidents. For instance, if the professional slips and falls down from a ladder while in your hotel you might be held liable for the medical cost if he/she get injured.

2. Find an experienced and specialized professional

Avoid amateur painters as much as you can. In all types of professions, experience should be the best teacher. Look around for a professional who have done hotel exterior painting before and knows everything that the job entails. Also, if the experts only specialty of work is hotel painting then you can be assured of some excellent services that will satisfy your interests.

3. Take into account the cost of services

Definitely the cost of services you’re equipped with will determine the painter you choose to hire. Every professional out there will have different price quotes for the services. For that matter, it’s always wise to do a prior research on the experts around Denver in respect to cost of services. Get price estimation quotes from more than three experts in your bucket list and compare their prices to know whom to settle with for the work. Also, as matters of cost are concerned, it’s important to inquire from the prospective expert if there will be warranty for the services.

4. Consider the professional’s qualification.

Ensure the expert you choose to hire has all the technical knowledge and skills needed for this type of work. He/she ought to have all the qualification credentials needed for painting work after a successful educational program and training from a reputable technical school. Accreditation from other painting companies he/she has worked with in his/her line of profession are also very crucial in proving the professional’s qualification for the work.

5. Take into consideration the expert’s reputation

A work reputation is not something you can fake. If the exterior painting contractor is known for his/her quality services wherever he/she go, you’ll definitely see positive reviews about him/her in their website or social media platforms and the vice versa is also true. Know if the professional has any referral contact information of his/her past clients to testify about his/her quality of services before making any commitment about the work. Before choosing any specialist you might also want to get recommendations from your friends, colleagues and relatives to avoid wasting time and reduce the many options available.

6. Make sure the professional you choose to hire has excellent communication skills

The success of any type of services is dependent on proper understanding. Look for a professional whom you can easily create a constructive rapport with. He/she ought to have proper listening skills to be able to understand your hotel exterior painting needs and your taste of style. Although it’s upon you to decide the type of paint you want, you should also be open to suggestions hence the need for excellent communication skills. A professional at this work will have a lot of suggestions for the work in respect to choice of quality and affordable paints out of experience.

7. Know all the requirements for the job

During your first appointment with the painting contractor, you should be able to ask him/her all the relevant questions about the job. Know all about the job requirements including the number of co-workers to expect, paint renders, quality of paint and cost. As much as you want to save and minimize the cost of services you should never settle for mediocre services or products. Ensure all the project renders such as paint providers are licensed and professional at their work. Also, remember to inquire from the expert about the maximum duration the project is likely to take.

8. Consider the location of the expert

There are a lot of benefits that comes with hiring a professional at proximity. A painter from Denver will have knowledge of the specific types of paint to withstand the weather conditions of the area. Also, for convenience purposes, choosing a professional from Denver region is very crucial for easy access to the hotel. It also saves you much cost you would’ve spent to host the expert for the period the project will take.


Denver, CO is flooded with a lot of exterior painting companies, therefore it takes a lot of research and considerations to be able to choose a good professional. To ensure your money is spent right for some quality services that satisfies your exterior painting concerns, it’s very important you put the above considerations in mind when choosing the right exterior painter for your hotel in Denver. Exterior painting Denver is a very competitive work with the market flooded with experts leading to emergence of mediocre experts too. If you’re in Denver and worried about the aesthetic appearance of your hotel, then this article is meant for you to help you make the right choice of exterior painter.

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