pros and cons of a gap year

Unlike in the United States, graduating high school students in the U.K. are encouraged to take a year off before attending university. In British culture, this is commonly referred to as the ‘Gap Year’, and is a highly respected and widely practiced practice.

How Does it work? For many British students it is a particularly valuable experience, both personally and educationally. A gap year is seen as the best opportunity to learn about the world and personally before setting out on a broader education. Students who take this approach know that they are leaving their friends and family behind, as well as the confines of their home. Although they may be leaving the nest, they also know perfectly well that they will have many opportunities to return to their lives and will be welcomed back by their families and friends.

Gap Years in America

Gap years vary widely depending on the location. For example, students in New York can take the gap year in a completely different environment than they would if they were studying in London. Students also have the option of spending their gap year in a totally different country altogether, such as studying in Brazil.

The main advantage that London students have over other destinations is speed. Traveling abroad tends to require more planning than attending school in the UK, and is often characterized by long commutes and stringent timetables. The gap year breaks also often come and go without warning, leaving students with no guarantees as to when they can return to their lives and routines. British winters, while cold and snowy, can be far longer than northern European counterparts. Despite the advantages of a winter break, students may find the peace and quiet of their summer break more conducive to their studies and studies.

Gap Years in Tokyo

Gap years are known for their flexibility. Students are often given the chance to change the dates of their year if they are entering university at a later age. They can also choose from a wide range of locations to study in, including the Japanese city of Tokyo. Tokyo is an exciting destination and easily accessible from many of the best train stations in the country. English is also widely spoken and this city is a great example of how Japan has exploited its influence around the world to advance its interests. After Chatuchak Weekend Market, which sells the best in designer clear bags, the main river pier becomes an artsy district, and on the night of the full moon, Yoyogi Park is filled with dancing typhoon performers.

Gap Years in Tel Aviv

Children are always welcome in Tel Aviv, and while they do not need to have a passport, analogy tests are required if you have recently had surgery abroad, have a serious illness or if you are a member of the Israeli national emergency army. Aitary infection laws, passport control, and high levels of outdoor activity usually guarantee that you will not be stumbled upon. However, aside from these risks, you will also find yourself in an absolutely stunning city located on the shores of the Red Sea. The city has grown dramatically in recent years, particularly when it comes to infrastructure and investment. You can see it in the new international airport, a catering industry that bodes well with Israel’s increasingly vibrant entertainment and commercial industries. Tel Aviv is just 20 minutes from Jerusalem, and is an interesting place to visit both for its political importance and its many attractions.

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