how to get motivated to work out


Getting yourself ready for some good old exercise session in the gym or the park is often a very exciting time. Knowing that you can use the power of your will and your muscles to attain a great-looking body and improved state of health is an incredible thing. At the same time, the time spent exercising can be used for making new friendships or having an hour or two on your own, which can allow you to recompose your thoughts. But, often, because of many reasons, finding the motivation to exercise is not as easy as it sounds. This is especially true when a person might feel a bit tired and overwhelmed, which happens quite regularly in the modern world. In these situations, you might wonder how to motivate yourself to workout. Fortunately, there are several tips how this can be achieved and all of them are exceedingly simple and easily accomplished.


Focus on the Reward


Exercising has a lot to do with the rewards a person gets from it, including the better state of their fitness and body image. However, these are long-term goals which regularly take months to be completed. That is why when you ask yourself how to motivate yourself to work out you should try and focus on the short-term. Tell yourself that after the exercise, you will feel better, which means having more energy and feeling positive about yourself. In the sport of running, this is called the runner’s high. This state occurs when the body is under physical stress, and the brain releases neurotransmitters which act as both painkillers and endorphin-inducers, together producing a great mental feeling. This feeling should be an excellent motivational element for anyone who wants to exercise.


Take Power Naps


Often, the issue of how to motivate yourself to workout is connected with your feeling of tiredness. Try taking power naps, which last around 20 minutes, but place an alarm clock and force yourself to leave the bed or the couch once the time is up. This short period will still rejuvenate your mind and your body, allowing you to find the energy to get to the workout. At the same time, because of their shortness, they will not affect your routine or make you lose time sleeping.


Treat Yourself Afterwards

A lot of people treat themselves after a workout but use junk food or processed treats, which are exceedingly bad for you. Instead, try out different whole foods and organically grown options and find the food you like the best. Then, decide to eat it only after a workout as a means of rewarding yourself. Do not eat it in any other circumstances or on any other occasion. This way, the problem of how to motivate yourself to workout can be impacted by the idea that something delicious is waiting for you at the other end. Food, thanks to the primal allure it has on humans is an excellent way to entice yourself to do something and working out is no different. Stick to this regime and you will learn to expect a reward and then feel how to get motivated to work out.

With these tips on how you can motivate yourself to workout and exercise, there is no doubt that your fitness routine will become a lot more stable.

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