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Waterproofing companies in Bourbonnais should be called in before your hotel basement floods, not after. Their job is to seal your basement so that water can’t leak into it. This won’t just minimize the risk of floods barring a hot water heater failure. It will eliminate the chronic dampness that contributes to mold and insects in your hotel. However, the root cause may be due to drainage systems that don’t divert water far enough away from the hotel. This is why you need someone who does more than apply sealant to the walls. Let’s learn how to hire a waterproofing contractor the right way.

Learn How Water Is Getting Into Hotel the Basement

A waterproofing contractor in Bourbonnais, Illinois may by happy to seal the floor of your hotel basement though the problem is leaking pipes. Determine where the water is coming from before you hire a waterproofing contractor for the conservation of the hotel. Then you won’t hire someone to waterproof the foundation when you really need a plumber for your hotel. If the water is seeping in through the foundation, wait until after the mess has been cleaned up before you get several bids for the waterproofing job. If you have experienced repeated, severe flooding, talk to an engineer to determine if the root cause is drainage around the home. There’s little point in waterproofing the foundation if the real issue is run-off from the sprinklers.

Create a List of Bourbonnais, IL Waterproofing Services

Create a list of Bourbonnais waterproofing services and methods used. Do a quick comparison between entries on the list. If you find any of them share the same address, that’s a major red flag. It suggests that the waterproofing service is operating under multiple names to minimize the negative PR of bad reviews. The only exception to this is when they’re separating each type of service under its own name, such as when the plumbing division, waterproofing service and general building contractor all operate under different company names. If they’ve only been in business for a few months, we’d recommend against hiring them since they may be fly-by-night operations. If an Illinois waterproofing service passes these initial tests, you can call them up to get a price quote for your hotel improvement.

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Get Multiple Bids

A common mistake when hiring waterproofing contractors in Bourbonnais, Illinois is to choose the cheapest contractor for your hotel improvement. This is a mistake for several reasons. First, the waterproofing company may do poorer quality work to offset that low cost, though you’re trying to protect your greatest asset, your home. Second, they may make up for that low bid by adding unnecessary services or leaving themselves a loophole to add in unexpected fees. Third, getting bids from several waterproofing contractors gives you a better idea of both the scope of hotel work and the cost. When you have several experts review your situation, each may point out various issues or identify unique solutions. You learn more about the situation and the myriad ways it could be solved. You could come up with a better overall solution and then hire a contractor to implement it.

What if the Bourbonnais waterproofing service and method gives you a general quote over the phone? They can give a rough estimate based on the way you describe the scope of hotel work. However, they cannot give an accurate price quote without coming out and inspecting the basement. If they want you to agree to service without bothering to come out, strike them off your list.

Suppose they come out and give you a decent initial bid. If they give you a high-pressure sales pitch for multiple services, send them on their way. Nor should you use waterproofing services that try to scare you into signing the dotted line.

Ask about Legal Issues

Ask the waterproofing contractor in Bourbonnais, IL if they’re licensed and bonded. If the Illinois building contractor isn’t licensed and bonded, you shouldn’t be working with them on your hotel. Ask whether or not they use Bourbonnais subcontractors, and if so, verify that they too are licensed and bonded. You can’t afford to have someone working on your home that can’t pay for the damage they may cause if they make a mistake. Nor do you want to run the risk of being sued by one of their day laborers getting injured on your property working in a wet basement.

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Do Your Research On Each Bourbonnais, IL Waterproofing Contractor

An internet search isn’t good enough anymore. Anyone can throw a few testimonials on their website. It isn’t hard to get a few fake five star reviews on sites like Yelp, either. Do more in-depth research regarding each potential contractor for your hotel. Check the Better Business Bureau rating for each one. Check various review sites. Do they have a history of over-charging or taking too long to do the work? Look at reviews dating back a few years. Are there people who were initially happy with the work for their hotel but now reporting leaks in their basement? For example, someone might paint water-resistant sealant over damaged or missing joints when the best solution is filling in missing joints to create a waterproof barrier.

Learn a little about the solutions they propose. For example, crack injections only work with poured concrete foundations where seepage comes through the cracks in the walls. If you have a masonry foundation at your Illinois hotel, you know the contractor is going to do a bad job of waterproofing Bourbonnais, IL.

Read the Illinois Contract

Once you have several quotes, you can choose from any of the remaining contractors on your list for your hotel improvement and basement waterproofing. Then read the contract. Make certain that they aren’t adding additional services (and their associated costs) to the total bill. Never sign a contract that has blank sections, and don’t work with anyone who says this should be done for the sake of convenience. Look for terms and conditions that could create a problem. For example, being asked to pay for materials or an initial installment up front is reasonable. Being asked to pay the whole bill upfront is not. Verify that the scope of work for your Bourbonnais Hotel includes everything you discussed with the contractor, because the written contract is what will stand up in court.

If the contract looks matches your initial scope of work and doesn’t contain problematic terms and conditions, you can sign on the dotted line. Then the contractor can begin work.

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