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So you would like to get customers for your hotel business in Orlando through online platforms! Well, you’ve taken a big decision to mark your presence on the net. However, don’t think that simply hosting your venture on the web will get you customers. No matter how amazing your Orlando hotel is, you won’t be able to drive a single customer unless you apply SEO (search engine optimization) tactics or hire an Orlando SEO company for online marketing. So, what is SEO and why it’s important for your hotel business? 

What is SEO?

It’s an online marketing strategy geared toward improving the visibility and rankings of your hotel site on the World Wide Web for particular search terms. A site that isn’t optimized for search engines is likely to get lost online. A reputed Orlando SEO company could offer the much-needed help and let you scale your venture by employing the latest SEO techniques. 

If your hotel website doesn’t show up in search results, you won’t get customers. However, a highly optimized site will drive a constant flow of traffic and make your hotel full in all seasons. Let’s find out how SEO can help your hotel business to get customers. 

Does SEO matters for Orlando hotels?

This is a question often asked by new hoteliers who lack information about online marketing. They think that traditional advertising platforms will drive prospects as they used to do in the past. However, things have undergone drastic changes in the last few decades. Back then, people used to explore conventional media such as TV commercials and newspaper ads to find and book hotels. 

However, these are all things of the past. Modern customers don’t bother offline adverts. They simply surf the web from their computer to find and book a hotel. That means if you’re not present on the net, you won’t be visible to your prospects. If this is the case, you’ll lose customers. The reason – your competitors will win those customers. The following points will highlight why optimizing your hotel website is important to stay afloat in the competition. 

Increased exposure

Your site should be visible to those seeking information related to your site. So, what does that mean? If you’re a total newbie to the world of online marketing, you may want a simple explanation. So let’s understand this with a very simple example. Suppose you wink a girl in the dark night. You expect the girl to respond to your gesture. However, the girl doesn’t respond. Why? The simple reason – she didn’t notice your gesture due to darkness. 

The same thing applies to a hotel site that isn’t optimized for search engines and users. You know that your site is online. However, your prospects don’t know anything about your site. This is where online marketing tactics used by a reliable Orlando SEO company come into play. These tactics (explained later) will increase your site’s exposure on the net. Once your site gets exposure on the web, it’ll get visits by prospects who may book their stay at your hotel.

Grabs user attention

Some Florida hotel businesses employ online strategies without hiring a reputed Orlando SEO company. However, they fail to get customers despite getting higher rankings. So what could be the reason for the failure? Their site isn’t fully optimized as it should be. You may wonder if your site gets the first spot on the search page, it should be visited first, right!

However, this isn’t the case always. While search engines may recognize your site and give you higher rankings (if your site is SEO-optimized), you need to grab user attention just like search engines. Confused! Let’s understand this with an easy example. Suppose there are four hotels in Orlando including yours. If your hotel is located at the start of a particular bus stop or so, you may expect visitors to check your hotel first. 

In case potential customers move on to other hotels on the street without checking yours, there should be an issue with your hotel. So, what will you do? You may reply that the pictures, hoardings, and exterior of your hotel weren’t pleasing. On the other side, other hotels seem to surpass you on these points, which is why they got your customers. 

To resolve this issue, you’ll take concerted steps and make relevant changes to entice customers. A reputed Orlando SEO company does exactly the same thing for you online. As well as ensuring higher rankings, a reliable SEO agency will make certain that your site offers intriguing info to your visitors in search result pages. By doing so, they’ll assure that visitors check your hotel website and take suitable actions such as inquiries or bookings. 

Regular traffic

As a hotel owner, you would want your hotel to be booked in all seasons. In order to achieve this goal, you may invest substantially on adverts, hoardings, commercials, and infomercials. In the case of online marketing, all you should do is hire a reputed SEO agency. The experts at the agency will employ the best of SEO strategies to get you customers all through the day. 

Whether it’s day or night, your website will show up online 24/7 days. Now you may wonder how your site could secure the top spot in search results given the competition online. Of course, there’s no surety that your site will be always on the top spot of search results for your given keywords. 

A reputable Orlando SEO company is well aware of this point. Their experts will employ alternative tactics to drive customers from numerous sources. SEO isn’t confined to organic search results. In fact, it covers a lot beyond that. It encompasses social media marketing, paid search campaigns, Google listings, and other online strategies. 

It’s likely that your website gets less number of visitors through organic search queries. However, you can make up for the loss through other sources such as social media sites. You could even opt for pay-per-click campaigns to get instant rankings in search results. Sticking to all possible online sources will let you steer a regular flow of customers all through the year and keep your hotel booked all the time. 

Better conversions

Conversion measures the cost of acquiring a customer. It’s always desirable to have a higher conversion ratio. A better conversion ratio signifies the success of your marketing campaign. On the other hand, a lower ratio means your strategies are lagging behind. 

In the world of online marketing, the cost refers to the sum you expend on hiring an Orlando SEO company and your paid advertising budget. On the other side, the customer is the benefit. The good thing is online marketing warrants a low investment. Without breaking your bank account, you could win loads of customers. Low advertising cost and a higher number of bookings result in higher conversions. 

How SEO can help your hotel business?

By this time, you know why SEO is important for your Orlando hotel business. Now you would like to find out how SEO could benefit your venture. What should you do to drive customers to your hotel? In a nutshell, SEO involves On-site SEO and Off-site SEO. 

On-site SEO includes any activity that you do on your site to increase your site’s rankings to win customers. Off-site SEO, on the other hand, increases your rankings and drives traffic from sources outside your site. An experienced Orlando SEO company employs both On-site as well as Off-site tactics to get customers. Here’s how.

On-site or organic SEO

As mentioned earlier, On-site SEO includes any action taken on your site. This embodies keywords, internal links, images, and title tag. Let’s understand all these things with an example. Since you run a hotel venture, you would like to draw visitors from Orlando and close by area or those who’re visiting Orlando from other regions. 

Now just take a second and think what users will type in search engines to find hotels in Orlando. Brainstorm those search terms. In online marketing, these are called keywords. Some of the common search terms for your Orlando hotel will be luxurious hotel Orlando or affordable hotel in Orlando. Now you may be motivated to include those words in your website content as many times as possible, right! 

Wait! Don’t do that. It’s called keyword stuffing. Search engines will penalize your site for keyword stuffing, and you might get lost in the cyberspace. You should maintain a keyword density of 2 percent. For example, if your content has 2,000 words, the keyword – affordable hotel in Rolando – should appear no more than 10 times.

A reputed Orlando SEO company will come up with many other variations of your keyword and ensure that your site comes up for various keywords matching the main keyword. Additionally, they’ll optimize the title tag of each blog post by embedding the main keyword within the post’s title. 

Some common titles you may write for your hotel website could be – how to book an affordable hotel in Orlando quickly or tips to book a luxurious Orlando hotel fast – depending on the content you’re posting. Since keywords and title tag play a pivotal role in getting quick rankings in search results, it’s important to optimize them accordingly. 

Pictures speak louder than words. So, don’t forget to add appealing images of your hotel and rooms that entice users. Be sure that the images you embed aren’t too big. Besides this, include few internal links that let users surf from one page of your site to another effortlessly. 

Today, people love to do most of their chores through their Smartphone and Tablets. In order to win these customers, you’ve to optimize your site for mobile devices. A mobile-optimized site adjusts the content on mobile devices, loads faster, and contains point-wise information intriguingly. 

You may also want to create a sitemap. A sitemap is a summary of links (links of your web pages) you submit to search engines. It lets search engines list all the pages. A reliable Orlando SEO company optimizes your site with On-site SEO and assures that it’ll show up in search engines for your targeted keywords. If your site comes up for particular keywords, it’ll be visited by potential customers who may book their stay in your hotel. 

Social media marketing

Today, billions of people use social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. Recommendations and endorsements through these sites go a long way in getting customers quickly. When you hire a dependable Orlando SEO company, their experts will make an appealing profile matching your audience on social sites.

They’ll build a list of loyal subscribers and followers and interact with them in a friendly manner. By posting suitable content and images, these experts will recommend your hotel to interested users. Once users come to your site, you may push them for bookings through discounts and courteous service. 

Link building

The SEO experts will also get links for your site through other credible sources. This includes travel and tour websites, blogs, and marketing forums. They’ll also write articles and press releases about your hotel and submit them to article directories and press release websites respectively. That way, your site’s rankings and traffic should increase over time. 

Local map listings

The professionals at the Orlando SEO company will additionally submit your site to Google for listings. Once verified, the address of your hotel will show up in search results. 

Pay-per-click campaigns

Besides free marketing sources, you need to invest some money on paid search results. The Orlando SEO company will use Facebook and Twitter ad campaigns to get customers instantly through social sites. Also, they’ll use Google AdWords and other pay-per-click campaigns to get visitors to your site immediately. Whenever users will search the net with your intended keywords, your website will show up in the form of ads on the top or bottom of search results. 

Concluding words

Driving customers to your hotel website is undoubtedly a chore. However, you could get through this tedious, cumbersome chore with proven SEO tactics. If you don’t feel comfortable to use all these tactics yourself, hire a reputed Orlando SEO company. In return for a modest service charge, the company will optimize your site and get you visitors again and again.

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