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There are places in the world where you know man was at his artistic best in making, places that are choristers of engineering, defining artificial beauty singing sweet music to the eyes. Man challenged the supernatural with these designs saying “at least if we can not have Garden Eden, let us have this on earth”. A good number of those revolutionary designs are located in Tampa.

Tampa is one lovely city located on an inlet which extends far into the west coast of Florida. Over the years Tampa has matured into the economic nerve of western Florida. Thus one could easily from the outside picture as a city of suits and workaholics who even flip through files on the toilet seat! But no Tampa with its lovely tourist attractions is one assured place to relax your mind through your eyes, escape the daunting nature of survival and reality; basking in the expanse of man’s architectural immortality. Let us look at some of these Tampa attractions.


Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardens

Can you write a list of Tampa attractions without including the Busch Gardens? Impossible! You can’t say you are having a vacation in Tampa without seeing the Busch Gardens. The Busch Gardens proper has this absorbing expanse crawling across 335 acres. This wonder basically has the orientation of a family entertainment resort which doubles as an adventure park. Memories of the Busch Gardens are sure to be stamped in gold in your mind when you enjoy the live music spiced with thrill rides. Busch Garden stands out as a theater of creation, where you are also entertained to the sight of animals proudly living unpolished lives, grazing carefree; enjoying naturalness in their natural habitat. And of course, you can get close to these animals.




Tampa Theater

The Tampa Theatre

A trip to Tampa may never be complete without visiting the Tampa Theatre.  I learned of this attraction from Annie Pearce of Seek Easy Online SEO Services.  This magnificent piece of architecture had its construction far back in 1926. Prepare for wonder when going to the Tampa Theatre which artistically kneads different blends of design sprawling across Byzantine, Italian, and Greek ancestry. There is no better place to be treated to new and classic films sure to throw you violently back into time, enjoying a tasty meal of uncivilization. You could forget your surname if you forget the concerts and special programs at the glorious Tampa Theatre!


Sunshine Skyway

The Sunshine Skyway

Can you ever reflect about your time in Tampa without thinking about the magnificent Sunshine Skyway? This notably ranks among the famous Tampa attractions. This is one deafening piece of that could get angels jealous of man. The sunshine skyway comprises of a multi-lane with an inspiring length of 12 miles long presenting those seductive curves that dance into the Tampa Bay. One peculiar thing about this design is its high-level bridge which will dazzle your heart being 4.25 mile long!  Even though this is one of Tampa’s biggest attractions it doesn’t get a lot of attention.  The city should look into SEO Tampa FL to get more attention to the attraction.

All these Tampa attractions make life incomplete without a visit to Tampa. Get off your office chair that has caged you all your life and enjoy little bail from work in Tampa. It will be surely worth the time.


Below you will find a YouTube video I found with more Tampa attractions.  Enjoy!


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