the best Cologne attractions

When you travel to Cologne for your holiday to the city, you will be sure to discover that there is plenty for everyone to do. From historical buildings and museums to the stunning riverside promenade, there is plenty here for the culture-loving traveller to enjoy. For those heading to Cologne for the first time, here are some of the best attractions.

Old Town

The historic centre of the city is an impressive place to wander around and it is the main tourist attraction here. Here you will find the Cologne Gothic Cathedral, the FC Juderiae and the Olympisch mosaics. Those interested in more modern pursuits, such as those relating to science or technology, are also well catered for here.

Necklaces Museum

The Necklaces Museum of the City of Cologne is located in the Naumerliemasse and is an excellent place to find remnants from the Roman times until the modern day. As well as providing a wealth of fascinating relics from the past, it also provides a glimpse into the future. The museum includes a variety of exhibits which use old and new techniques to show cases that have been used in the city over the years.

Rhein Museum

The Rhein museum is also located in the Naumerliemasse and, although it is a smaller version of the Necklaces Museum, it is definitely worth adding to the itinerary of a walk around the city. It is here that the Teint Koch X changes hands from being a brush pen to being a more modern art piece seeing the best in iron works welding. As well as being a work of art, it is also a great artifact to see in the city and provides an interesting topic for students to explore.

Old mill

Although the Old Mill Complex is not as old as some of the other attractions in the city, it is certainly the oldest one. This is important because it shows a lasting pattern of use that has developed over the past 3,000 years. The structures that make up the Old Mill blend pastural with early contact history and they are built to meet the needs of the city over the past century.


The Kunzerthauswackerei is located on the east side of the city and makes up one of the greatest collections of Roman ruins in Germany. Although many of the ruins have disappeared, there are enough left to offer a complete history of the area. The museum covers the history of the area from ancient Romans, through Etruscan, German, Byzantium and Medieval German and is truly an pioneering museum for students.

Istanbul Modern

The Istanbul Modern is also an impressive museum to visit for those students with an interest in the city’s modern history. Although smaller than some of the other museums, it is just as comprehensive and gives students an insight into the various aspects of the city. The museum provides detail about the beginnings of the city through its intricate history and is housed in a beautiful ancient building.

This is just a taste of all that this wonderful city has to offer, there really are many more to discover.

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